Kompo Tondo Komposition 7


Kompo can show off its ability to transform in your living room. It’s not enough to call this Komposition a “bookcase”, when it actual fact it is a multi-purpose furnishing element with room for your interests and space for relaxation.

Ideal for living rooms, studies, offices, waiting rooms and all other spaces.


Kompo Tondo Composition
1 shelf 100×30 cm
4 shelves 70×30 cm
4 shelves 30×20 cm
6 uprights 38 cm
22 uprights 18 cm
6 end pieces 4 cm

Composition in natural wood.
Manual assembly – no tools required.
Hardwearing, strong support surfaces.
Safe, rounded corners.

Complementary furnishing item in separate pieces, ready for assembly.

Advantages of Kompo Tondo

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