Kompo Protection

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Protective Plexiglass divider with wooden stand. This easy to assemble divider can be used on tables, desks, counter tops and anywhere there is a risk of close contact with other people. The price includes the wooden stand.

Built to Size: give us the dimensions you need and Kompo will build it. The price for this made-to-measure options is 85 euro per square meter. Please contact us directly with any questions.



Transparent Plexiglass screen divider with natural wooden base.
No tools required to assemble.
Study and strong.
Rounded corners for safety.

Kompo Protection is the ideal safeguard when interacting with your colleagues,
clients or the general public. With its sturdy base and Plexiglass screen, it will help to protect you
from potential exposure to viruses such as Covid-19.

What is included
Each Plexiglass screen divider comes with its wooden support to be assembled easily, by hand.

Advantages of Kompo Protection

Need a hand? Get in touch

Dimensions cm
Standard size:

100×50, 100×65, 60×50, 75×65

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